It’s important to find strategies to alleviate stress. graphic by Grace Bilodeau

What can you do for yourself?

There’s no doubt that teens have had negative experiences with social media during COVID-19. Obviously physical isolation is and was a huge factor in the deteriorating overall health of teens, but for some the mental health challenges were significantly worse. Many teens experienced loneliness, depression, and sadness. Further worsening these problems, social media was a place of comparison, confusion, and in many cases did not help the mental health of teens. 

It’s important for teens to become aware of ways they can react to negative experiences on social media, and how to take care of their mental and physical health. 

These 5 recommendations will help to alleviate the stress and anxiety that is centered around being quaranTEENed with social media. 

  1. Take a break from social media. If you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed by the neverending posts, texting, and especially if your eyes are tired, take a break!
  1. Make time for yourself. Even in quarantine kids found themselves busier than ever. It’s important to nourish your body, mind, and to do things you love. Maybe it’s going for a walk, a form of art, reaching out to an old friend- it looks different for everyone.
  1. Set goals. If there’s not much to do, you might feel unmotivated…don’t! Growth comes in many different forms, so making a checklist and getting something done, even if it’s making your bed, that might just motivate you to get more done.
  1. Reach out to a friend. Obviously being physically separated from your closest friends can be hard. But maybe it’s time to reach out to the friend you haven’t checked on in a while. See how they’re doing, who knows, it might be good for you both!
  1. Ask for help. If you still feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, or sad, talk to a trusted adult or professional.

Disaster Distress Helpline
Call: 1-800-985-5990
Text: “Talk With Us” to 66746


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