Day and Night by Leeya Mainville

“Day and Night” by Leeya Mainville, ceramic clay and glaze

For this piece I created I wanted to provide a visual of contrast both day and night. When brainstorming the template of this plate I wanted to make sure I was really representing the complexity and beauty both the moon and sun have. I also wanted to make sure there was a strong contrast between the darks and lights of this piece. I toyed with the idea of creating a symmetrical piece but ultimately decided against that. I instead decided to still add repetition but in the form of inward to outward. I looked at a few mandalas in reference for this piece and decided that was the direction I wanted to pursue for this piece. 

Overall I enjoyed making this plate because it was out of the ordinary in terms of typical artwork I create. It pushed my brain to delve deeper into the creative process and come up with a design I am truly satisfied with.

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