Skull Study by Tommie Barker

“Skull Study” by Tommie Barker, pencil and charcoal on paper, edited digitally. 

My goal for this piece was to practice drawing inanimate objects as realistically as possible as to practice drawing from real life. Since skulls are something I find very cool, I decided on going with a skull as my reference photo, and thus this drawing was created!

I had a whole lot of fun with this piece, though it was challenging! The entirety of the skull was done with only pencil, and it took a lot of tweaking and small adjustments to make it look as realistic as possible. Not to mention the proportions were rather difficult to get down, but in the end, with lots of patience, I ended up with this as my final piece! After the piece was done though, I took it into a drawing program and made some small edits to make it look just a bit sharper. Overall, I really enjoyed making this piece, and I plan on drawing many, many more skulls in the future! 

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