Humans of Canton – 1/10/17



Rachel Tarinelli
If you had 30 seconds to say something to the world, what would you say?
“I would say, stop being a jerk, just chill out, that’s literally it, just chill out.”

Ian Crombie
How would you make the most of life?
“I would want to travel the world and see as much as I can and meet a lot of awesome people, maybe like play some cool music with people, learn about different cultures, and just live life the way I’m supposed to instead of working all the time.”

Lynzee Mills
What keeps you motivated in life?
“Well, what keeps me motivated in life is uh.. Let’s see, it’s probably the fact that uh, basically it’s probably my friends that keep me most motivated because I don’t know I feel like I should succeed for them and like for my family and really for myself you know? But like, I feel like my friends kind of deserve something that like, kind of like that I should do something for them, like they basically, doing it so other people can also have hope and keep themselves motivated and I want my friends to know no matter what I will always be fighting for them and be on their side as well.”

Dylan Reader
What defines you?
“My highly symmetrical face.”