The Canton Journal
Canton High School | 76 Simonds Avenue| Canton, CT 06019
Principal: Andrew DiPippo
Adviser: Carla Kurt

Established in 2016, The Canton Journal is Canton High School’s online news, arts, and literary magazine. The Canton Journal was created to be a reliable news source about the Canton High School community and a showcase for student creative writing, art, and photography. The Journal is published weekly during the academic year when school is in session.

Mission Statement

The Canton Journal’s mission is to communicate relevant, engaging news and information for students and the Canton community, to publish work that has earned school recognition, and to act as a forum to foster respectful discussion of meaningful topics. As a voice for all, The Canton Journal strives to develop journalistic and creative talent, and encourages connections within the student body and the community through inclusion, ethical reporting, and creative expression.

Publication Policies

Code of Ethics

  • The Canton Journal is committed to fair, accurate, and unbiased reporting from its staff and contributing reporters in order to serve the school and local community.  
  • The Canton Journal will not publish any work that contains plagiarized materials.
  • The Canton Journal is committed to treating sources, subjects, students and members of the public with respect. The staff will not publish any work that suggests violence, has crude language, or is condescending towards students,staff, or other people in the larger community.

Submission Guidelines

  • As “a voice for all,” The Canton Journal encourages students to contribute their writing and artistic talents either as staff members or freelancers.
  • Editorials and letters to the editor are welcome.
  • All submissions must be proofread, edited, and revised for clarity, spelling, grammar, and mechanics so they are ready for publication. The Canton Journal will not accept any work that requires more than minor editing.
  • The Canton Journal staff will decide whether or not a submission is publishable in accordance to its Code of Ethics, and shall be voted on by the entire staff.
  • Columns and commentaries shall be clearly labeled as such.  Signed opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the administration of Canton High School, other members of the staff, or the faculty adviser to the magazine.
  • The Canton Journal reserves the right to edit for clarity and length, and make minor edits for spelling, grammar and punctuation when necessary, without altering the meaning of any submission.

Byline Policy

  • All pictures, graphics, columns, articles, videos, reviews and other original material will be bylined with the producer’s name.
  • All persons who have contributed creatively to a work will be bylined.
  • All bylined writers will be held accountable for their work and its accuracy.

Corrections Policy

The Canton Journal expects accuracy, impartiality, and clarity in all aspects of news gathering and reporting. Any necessary corrections to articles will be made in a timely manner and will appear at the end of the article.


  • Those who wish to comment in response to anything published online should be aware that their comments are visible to anyone who visits the website.
  • Anonymous comments are not permitted.
  • Comments will be monitored and reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate, respectful and constructive prior to publishing.
  • The Canton Journal staff will not tolerate any comments that use profanity, offensive language, personal attacks, or language that might be interpreted as libelous.


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