Students begin work on a mural connecting the technology wing to the arts wing. Gabbie Marcuccio/The Canton Journal
Canton chapter of National Art Honor Society begins mural in high school to showcase the arts
GABBIE MARCUCCIO, staff writer • March 28, 2022

Canton High School’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) has begun painting a mural in a first floor hallway of the school. The...

Not enough individuals in team sports get recognized for their accomplishments.
Equal recognition of athletes
ERIN MACKIN January 22, 2024

The Canton school system has had an uproar of success within athletics in the past years. This success is shown through team records and recent...

2021 was the year that saw the cancelations of  sporting events, the arts, and people. Tim Mossholder/unsplash
2021 - Canceled
March 28, 2022
Marius Masalar/Unsplash
2nd’s a Winner
BELLA VOGT, staff writer • December 21, 2022

I have much to say about minor seconds Perhaps because two notes, each a half step apart, was all that stuck from AP Music Theory (jokes…)   They...

wood burn image by Mara Lloyd
The Biter
June 3, 2022
The Porch: A Duo
May 26, 2021
The Porch
May 26, 2021
Disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle remain a mystery. VladMan/pixabay
The Bermuda Triangle is still a mystery

There are many phenomena about which we know very little.  Among them is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. What really happens to those who...

photograph by Lauraine Nicholls
Eternal questions
February 21, 2019
Sometimes a dream is a nightmare. Digital art by Ian Crombie.
January 25, 2019
Going, Going...
Going, Going...
January 24, 2017
Kate Equist is a four year varsity volleyball player.
Humans of Canton - Kate Enquist
BROOKE POTTER, staff writer • May 10, 2024

“I love volleyball. It’s so fun. You make lifelong friendships. I have been playing volleyball since 5th grade. My teammates really make...

Humans of Canton
May 26, 2017
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