Seniors showcase their talent in annual band concert



The annual band concert every February is unique and special, especially for the seniors. Why? Because they pick the theme and entirely plan the night.
This concert, PRISMS, is no ordinary repertoire band concert, but rather a full arts experience. In addition to music, there’s art covering all the hallways, acting, vocal performances, speeches by the producers, a raffle, and plenty of food! 
Four seniors from the band are chosen to be producers in December. These four people completely oversee the show, including all of the committees involved with the performance. This year the producers were Lauren Eschenbrenner, Carter Gavin, Gabe Mower, and Adam Obrzut. They met with tech director Ken Jones and Teddy Babbitt every week about logistics and their status at that time, and then gave weekly updates to the band about the script and the music. The producers supervised the committees to make sure they knew what they were doing and what they had to be doing. There were also the heads of committees who did a tremendous amount of work. 
The head of the art committee was Rachel Tarinelli, who planned all the wonderful art in the hallway. Teddy Babbitt headed the tech committee, which was in charge of the lighting booth. Head of logistics Keith Thomas made sure the props were in the right place and that the chairs on stage were where they were supposed to be, and head of hospitality Azaria Augustine planned all the food and decorations in the cafeteria. Matthew Andrews served as both head of script and director, hosting script meetings and rehearsing lines with the actors.
The production is the culmination of months of planning: The band has approximately two to three months to perfect the repertoire, the actors have one month to memorize their lines, and the rest of the seniors involved spent days and nights planning and organizing within their committees up until the show.
This year’s theme was Trapped in Prisms, a story where two normal teenagers buy a board game, PRISMS, from a sketchy shop, and once they play it they get sucked into the game. The two characters meet their tour guide, who tells them their objective: find the gems to all the regions, give them to the city’s Grandmaster, and they will return home. So our characters traveled through a jungle, desert, and city region to collect gems to present them to the superior figure in the game, the Grandmaster. Of course they had obstacles in the way, such as crazy jungle men, stubborn bazaar citizens, a sphinx, and a city that gives the characters an unsettling vibe. 
Our two main characters were played by Izzy Simmons and Aidan Sleath, the tour guide was played by Tony Nardi, and the Grandmaster was played by James Carlson, who also sang Frank Sinatra’s song “I’m Gonna Live Until I Die” with the jazz band. Other parts were played by Len Lange, Emma Maclaren, David Cabaceras, Alex Lederman, and Reagan Carucci.
Overall, the show was a success, receiving positive reviews: the music was fantastic, the actors performed professionally, the lighting was thematic, and everyone was extremely happy with the outcome. Parents enjoyed the plot and how the music fit with the story.