Town of Canton 2019 Election Special

November 5 is Election Day. Elemental5Digital/

Lauren Eschenbrenner/The Arrow

Arnold Goldman, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Board of Finance, and a local business owner, is running for First Selectman for the Republican Party. Goldman has been a resident of Canton for 25 years, and is also a former volunteer firefighter/EMT, a veterinarian, a public health professional, and a founder of Connecticut programs serving displaced and needy residents, domestic violence victims, and first responders. 
The experience that Goldman brings to the table is plentiful. On the Board of Finance, he worked with volunteers of all political persuasions to support Canton’s economic health. Compared to neighboring communities, Canton has lower borrowing costs that are necessary to control local taxes. Goldman has contributed to a responsibly governed economy. 
Goldman believes that among the biggest issues facing the own it is the “residential property taxes and maintaining the quality of our town.” He expressed that just one person could not change the issues in the town, that it is not just about what the best idea is, but what the people of the community want.
For example Goldman states that the axe factory is “a main focus for Collinsville, and they plan to use land boards, planting zoning, conservation” in order to preserve it. “They are important but need to be balanced with other factors,” he says. His plan is to maintain conservation on the historical landmarks, while keeping the people of the community happy. 
Goldman plans to create a budget that balances with the revenue of the town by “evaluating competing priorities each year.” His goal will be for “our residents’ satisfaction and our town’s continued financial health.”
 To encourage community involvement, Goldman plans to communicate in person, at local events and through technology. “Multiple avenues are needed to gain the perspectives of the broadest possible cross section of residents and stakeholders,” he said. Goldman plans to show transparent logical explanations, encouraging people to be involved in the community. Goldman believes he possesses leadership skills and experience that qualify him to be an effective first selectman such as demonstrating excellent communication and collegiality. 
Not only is he actively involved in our town’s political system, but Goldman is adamant on strengthening the community and valuing the beautiful features of Canton. As a long time resident, he is passionate about his life here in Canton. He talked about his love for the town and how everyone looks out for each other, despite everyone not agreeing on every single matter. Because it’s a small town, it’s easy to look out for each other, said Goldman. 
Goldman is insistent on making the community a better place by unifying the people. The strengths of our community, to Goldman, definitely starts with our “great school system” because our town “is safe, it’s got great schools, it’s quiet, it’s got great recreational activities in town.” His plan to maintain these great qualities is to “not make decisions that discourage people from wanting to be” in Canton. 
When asked about the Student Resource Officer (SRO) that may be present in schools, he said that while an SRO’s presence may not be a “prevention or terrible events,” it gives a  positive image to kids, especially if it’s the”right person who builds relationships.” The idea, for Goldman, is “to not make arrests, but to prevent things from happening.” 
Goldman has come a long way from when he was younger. He wasn’t as outspoken as he is now — he was “terrified of public speaking,” though his experience as a veterinarian has taught him how to change that. The most important thing is to get the nerves out, whether it’s when he’s on stage or being interviewed. 
As a word of advice, Goldman says to”not make it about the party,” but rather the leadership skills the candidate presents.