Eternal questions


photograph by Lauraine Nicholls

I have questions, and for as long as I could remember, I have always seemed to have them. My questions change as I grow older. Some people will notice simple things and move on with their lives but I do not and for whatever reason I can not. I do not think that I ever will. Though it might be impossible and a little far fetched, I think that there can be an answer for anything. But I also believe that there is not a time limit for when the question should be answered. And because of that, I will always have questions. I will always have questions about anything above and under the sun. However, and for whatever reason, the one question that I chose to write about is life.
How is it that we have managed to live on this amazing planet as people? In other words, how are we actually alive right now?
I know it probably seems like an odd or maybe even a simple thing to question, but I think about that exact question everyday. For every day that I live on this Earth, I look around and step back to reflect on the fact that we all exist here together as humans. It is truly an amazing thing to think about.
I am fully aware that people have their beliefs and ideologies on how we have managed to live on Earth, but I wonder how it all actually became a reality.
We are given the ability to breathe, smell and even feel emotions,  which is the reason why I always wonder: why is it that way? How is it possible that I can exist on Earth as this complex organism that has the ability to achieve whatever I would like to? How is it possible that I have the ability to live the life that I would like to?
I believe that humans are not meaningless things that float around in the air like dust particles. All of our lives mean something and every life is important. There isn’t one life that holds more importance over another. I find it incredible that our lives all hold some type of importance and meaning whether it be to ourselves and or to others.
Another thing that I notice when I look around in this world today is that we are moving forward. It might not feel that way to some people, but we are. While we can not change what has happened in the past, we can and we are looking forward to push for a better future.
I am aware that my question is quite complex and I would probably have to wait a while to get my answer. Sometimes questions will not always have an immediate answer and that is why I can not wait for the day that I will finally get mine.