Humans of Canton – 4/28/17


Hannah Dustin, class of 2017
 “I can lick my elbow. When I was younger, someone told me that it was impossible to lick my elbow. So now, to that person, I say HA!! … This is my only special talent and I just feel so blessed to be able to put my shoulder so far back. Having a long tongue is also helpful but that’s not as important. Some people have long tongues and can lick their chin but that doesn’t guarantee being able to lick their elbows.”
I really had to work at it. When my teacher said it’s impossible, I set myself on a life mission to prove her wrong. So I tried it and it wouldn’t reach but I kept trying every single day until it worked! Yeet dab sweg **mic drop**” side note I feel that my talent should be put into the Guinness Book of World Records… thank you and good day”

Indianna Allen, class of 2019
 “I would say [I have inspired] myself [to become a leader].
Being a leader has to take a lot of self esteem and a lot of respect as a person. So, as much as you respect yourself others will respect you. To become a leader you have to influence them, so you have to be a good leader to let them know that doing the right things are actually right then doing the wrong things. So even though, like, we are both the same age now I would be like ‘hey that’s wrong. Hey you’re on the wrong page. Hey, focus this is what you need to do and become a good leader.’
So if I am a leader I would be like ‘follow me, do the right thing. Don’t follow them and then go the wrong direction and just end up in the wrong place in the future. So I would be like, ‘follow me, get respect, dress proper, treat yourself the way you want to be treated so others will treat you the same way.’”

Meg Babbitt, class of 2020
“My secret ingredient would be humor and a little bit of sarcasm. Just, I like the humor because it makes things less serious in life and sometimes you need that especially if you are in a serious situation or if you are just feeling low. And the sarcasm, it’s a good defense but at the same time it makes people feel a little bit more at ease sometimes and I like that. I think that’s pretty much it. That’s my secret ingredient. It’s not really much of a secret though.