Expect Great Things from Canton Girls' Track and Field


Canton freshman Chelsea Mitchell and senior Emily Mitchell take 1st and 2nd place in the 100 meter dash against Ellington and Coventry. – photograph by Samantha Brady


Canton High School girls’ Track and Field team has had to face many tough teams in their conference this season, and have thus far conquered them all. After their previous success, they only had a few days to prepare for their next meet on Thursday, May 4 against competitive rival teams Ellington and Coventry, whose girls’ teams greatly outnumber that of Canton. 
Canton High School is a small school, with around only 100 students in the graduating senior class, which places all of Canton’s sports teams in the Class S, or small school, category for any state competitions. Canton girls’ Track and Field team is limited in numbers, a challenging handicap when competing against larger schools for a win. With only 26 athletes in total, seven of which have recently been unable to compete due to injury or other obstacles, the Canton girls have taken on and had victories over many of these challenges. With every available athlete’s hard work and dedication to the program, the team has and will hopefully continue through their season with one success after another.
The anticipation of a highly competitive meet among all three teams was strong at the beginning of the event. It was apparent that Canton was ready to fight for a win against the larger teams, regardless of their size variety.
After many close sprint and distance races, well scoring field events, and some impressive throwing by both teams, Canton girls eventually won the meet against both Coventry and Ellington. They beat Ellington with 100 points to Ellington’s 49, and beat Coventry with 109 points to Coventry’s 35. This win makes the Canton girl’s overall season record in their conference 9-0 thus far, with more successes anticipated to come.
The three teams, though very competitive and fighting for wins in the events, also shared plenty of friendly banter with each other for the duration of the meet. The girls conversed with one another before, during, and after their events, congratulating one another on their performances and successes. Even after the meet closing, the friendliness and sportsmanship of all the coaches and athletes never faded, and the Canton girls’ and boys’ team captains went and thanked the hosting team, Ellington, for a great meet and for running the event.

When watching the canton Track and Field team practice, there is no doubt that they work hard for all of their successes. However while some of the girls say their impressive record has to do solely with the work they put in, and though this is a definite contributing factor, others might say it was because of the weather, or even that it had to do with their odd pre-meet traditions. One such tradition is the bringing of Sour Patch Kids to each meet to eat before they race, the girls all claiming it gives them good luck. While many take part and follow this tradition, some even have their own superstitious rituals having to do with lucky clothing items, lucky songs, or even lucky catch phrases shared amongst the team with a laugh. No matter the superstition though, the girls put a lot of hard work and dedication into the sport, which clearly shows when watching them run or viewing the meet results.