Goodbye from the Editor


Kasey says: “Journalism is essential to democracy.” – photograoh by Lauraine Nichols


I will try (and fail) to avoid cliches in this.
While I look forward to attending Ithaca College this Fall, it saddens me to know I will no longer be Editor in Chief of The Arrow. But I am confident in the current staff’s ability to strengthen what has been the most significant part of my high school career.  
The Arrow has done more for me than I have done for it, and it is my hope that other students see its potential. Writing is an empowering tool for students like me, who were born inside their own bubbles. Journalism is essential to democracy; this is why it is the only job protected in the constitution. I truly believe that with the growth of the school magazine will come a growth in equality at Canton High School.  
What’s most important in this letter, and for every student to do, is to thank Ms. Kurt. Without her guidance there wouldn’t have been a magazine for me to be editor of. What started as an idea freshman year grew only by the hard work and nifty computer skills I will never achieve.

Lauren Eschenbrenner, Lauraine Nichols, Shian Earlington, and Kasey Charron get their journalism on!

I would also like to thank the recurring staff — Meagan Laudenslager, Lauraine Nichols, Lauren Eschenbrenner, Shian Earlington, and any other contributors along the way. Their drive and perseverance has dazzled me, and I truly cannot take credit for what has become such a shining part of Canton High School.
When I began freshman year here at Canton High School, I was disappointed to learn there was no school newspaper. Now we have a newspaper and a color guard (thank you Addie Obrzut). We did a good job at making starting things at CHS look easy.
To the current students of Canton High School, I ask you to appreciate and utilize the hard work that has been put in by so many people into the creation of The Arrow. Maintaining the school newspaper is fundamental to improving our school’s climate, and it is my hope to see it grow while in college.