Artist Profile: Renee Zeffiro


“Peace” – drawing by Renee Zeffiro


“Peace” –  Renee Zeffiro wants to encourage happiness.

What type of energy did you put into this work?
The energy that put into this was more positive than anything. It’s more of statement saying how peace can be reached in the world. So many things are going on in the world and and people think peace isn’t achievable, but this is like a hope that it can be. It’s a literal image of peace in my mind.
How does this express a part of your identity?
I’m a very positive person and I want to encourage happiness. I like to express that through my art.
Did you struggle making this, if you did, where?
I struggled a little bit because it was difficult for me to show exactly what I wanted it to mean. When you think of the world you think of people fighting, but I wanted to show the positive aspect of the world like nature. A lighter side to that perspectives.
What’s your advice to a beginning artist?
Just try your hardest, but don’t lose who you are. Don’t make your work for someone else, or for their liking. Make it because you want to; anybody else should be irrelevant.
Are you looking to find a career in art?
Yes,  want to but I’m not sure where to start. I think that [art] can help me express correctly things that I can’t really express through conversation. 
How did this work itself impact you, how did it make you feel when you finished it?
This piece made me feel proud because I truly felt my voice was clear and it amplified what the voice I wanted to convey. I had found my voice though pencil and paper.
What makes you create?
For the most  part other people. I try to make things from my perspectives that accentuate why others should enjoy life, somewhat an advice to others.