Canton Girls' Basketball Team Wins Conference Championship


CHS Girls’ Basketball Conference Champions


The Canton girls basketball, once again, are back on top.
The girls started off the season with a four game winning streak, beating Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (65-43), Stafford (49-20), Rockville (46-42), and Suffield (53-31). The first loss was against Avon, which was a close scoring game, and ended in triple overtime with Avon winning by three (64-67). From that game on, however, the girls were back on track and had a five game winning streak, beating Granby Memorial (47-38), Coventry (53-22), Coventry again due to the snow day schedule (48-19), Sport and Medical Sciences Academy (56-47), and Ellington (58-31). Bolton (39-29), East Windsor (42-36), and Classical Magnet (59-29).
However, on January 18, the girls went against the class LL school, Conard, and despite playing a terrific game, lost by only nine points (41-50). Two days later on January 20, the girls played Notre Dame and Fairfield and lost (38-61). Although these losses are a letdown, they help the team to recognize mistakes and improve on what needs to be fixed. Playing bigger schools helps to strengthen the team’s ability to work together and faster; in the end, despite a win or loss, the competition can benefit everyone physically.
From that point on, however, the girls went back on a winning streak of seven, beating Bolton (39-29), East Windsor (42-36), Classical Magnet (59-29), Windsor Locks (58-37), Granby Memorial (44-40), Somers (60-34), and East Granby (38-25).
However, on Monday February 12th, 2018, the girls went up against class LL school, Farmington, who is fourth in their current league, and only lost by one point (49-50). The game truly became intense to watch during the second half, up to the point where the last buzzer went off.
Despite the three losses the team has faced, all those games were outside of the NCCC, and that makes the girls Canton basketball team the conference champions for class S!
This year, the captains of the team are Senior Belle Magna, and Junior Sarah Bowman. Because Bowman has an injury, Sophomore Abby Charron is filling in her spot as co-captain.
According to Bowman one of the team’s strengths is in its cohesiveness. “Most of us have been playing together for a long time and we are very close. We all support each other and it helps the chemistry on the court.” Bowman minimizes any weaknesses, stating that although the team doesn’t “have much height this year and we have mostly underclassmen on the team…they make up for the lack of varsity experience with their skills.”
Magna adds that the team’s strengths include “stepping up to play where we are naturally good at playing and specializing in one thing” even though “sometimes we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone and play outside of the game we are familiar with.”  
Even with a couple of challenges, the goals for the team are optimistic. Magna says her ultimate goals for the team are “not only around making it back and winning at Mohegan, but building up our underclassmen to take on leadership roles for the next year, since we are such a young team.”