Hold Hands Through It


photograph by jill111 via pixabay

It’s life with ups and downs
It’s how it goes
Why is an answer that nobody knows
But there is one thing that I know that is forever
Things may be difficult however
We will always have each other
Sister and sister, brother and brother
Father and mother
Because two are better than one
When life gets tough and you feel done
There is someone by your side
Someone who can guide
They raise you up to be strong
Even if everything in the world seems wrong
The world may be crumbling all around you
But one thing shall remain steadfast
Your love for one another
So when one falls the other can raise them up
Hold hands through it and be strong
This shall be life’s joyous song
To know there is someone there for you
In everything you do
When things get tough
And there’s no way out
Remember to hold hands through it.