Is procrastination inevitable for high school students?


WORK IS DONE ON TIME. As life starts picking up for high school students, so does their work load. Students decide when and how they will get their work done. Frans Van Heerden/Pexels


It is no secret that procrastination with school work has been an ongoing trend for many high school students. Reasons for delaying the completion of school assignments range from being a personal choice to extracurricular acivities and jobs that get in the way of getting school work done in a timely manner.
Some students are distracted by their hobbies. “Music is something I’ve always appreciated growing up and I think it’s cool,” said Tori Plourde, a junior at Canton High School. Plourde has many responsibilities outside of school which makes doing school work in a timely manner difficult.
Plourde on average, spends four to five hours every day of the week to devote time into practicing music. For Plourde, music is a priority for her because she plans on double majoring in college with one of her majors being music oriented. However, when Plourde is not practicing music, she works on her art which leaves her with a limited amount of time to do school work.
According to an article written by Kendra Cherry in Very Well Mind on the psychology behind why people procrastinate, “people don’t just [do it] occasionally; it’s a major part of their lifestyle.”
For some, it has become habitual to purposely avoid school assignments until the very last minute.
“If I have something not due until the next week, I will generally push it off and not do it until the night or two before,” Amanda Hepburn, a senior at Canton High School said. “Sometimes it gets so bad that I do it during other classes and try to hide it.”
Then there are students who do not intentionally procrastinate.
Danielle Nicholls, a freshman at Canton High School, said that time seems to pass by so fast that when she is doing work for her other classes, it feels like she is on a time crunch to complete her other assignments.
While school work is important for high school students to do, sometimes there may not be enough time during the day in their personal schedules to complete it.