I Am an Adoptee


I am an adoptee.


My story has

so many lost pages;

so much I don’t know.

that has been lost for ages.


So much that I want to know,

so much of what I’m curious;

but is the pain worthwhile

to find out the mysterious.


This nameless person I call mother

has no eyes or face;

and there’s a hole in my heart,

where only she can fill that place.

I battle with the hurt of rejection,

inside a deep black void;

and she shall never know

her daughter’s heart, she’s destroyed.


In the silence I am suffering,

afraid to say a word;

so in my head is a thousand questions

nobody has heard.


Inside me I am  broken and shattered,

inside so much loss and pain;

but I will will choose to persevere and grow-

so it was not in vain.


Editor’s Note: Iris Grant is a pen name