The Hallway Playlist


Students thrive on their access to music when passing from class to class. – photograph by Olivia Eckert

When one walks through the halls of a high school, or Canton High School more specifically, seeing numerous students sporting earbuds can be expected. Students thrive on their access to music when passing from class to class.
But why? For some the sporting of headphones is out of love for music, simple habitual acts, and for others it’s an anti-social or defensive tactic.
Some students like Aiden Pass wear large over the ear headsets, and can be seen bobbing their heads to the sweet tunes of classics like “Roundabout” by Yes.
“Why not, it’s free time and I enjoy listening to music, it puts me in a good mood,” explained Aiden when I questioned his reasoning. For him and many others it’s just for the simple love of music and the access to free moments in the halls.
Others use it as a means of pushing away potential conversation, to avoid the prying questions of surrounding peers.
“I don’t wanna talk to people, sometimes I put the headphones in just so people don’t talk to me,” junior Alex Sullivan explained. 
Music is a popular means of getting amped up, focused, or excited for something such as athletic games, competitions, or a night out. But one student uses it for class.
 Ryan Enns’ music puts him in the right attitude to study hard and achieve success in the classroom. He enjoys tracks like the Kendrick Remix of Mask Off originally by Future.
Music is being used in the halls of Canton in multiple ways, and  for every kid it’s a different song with a different purpose. No story is the same.
I asked numerous students what they were listening to in the halls during passing time and the results were incredibly diverse, truly representing the diversity of our students and their interests.
These are some of the songs Canton High School listens to, or as I like to call it “The Hallway Playlist.” Next time you’re in the hall feel free to play a couple of these songs and take a stroll in your peer’s headphones.
The Hallway Playlist
“Mask Off”(Kendrick remix) – Future
“Bad Liar” – Selena Gomez
“Roundabout” – Yes
“High Without Your Love” – Loote
“Slow Hands” – Niall Horan
“HUMBLE” – Kendrick Lamar
“Butterfly Effect” – Travis Scott
“Thunder” – Imagine Dragons
“Want You Back” – Haim
“Unforgettable” – French Montana
“Sweet Creature” – Harry Styles
“1-800-273-8255” – Logic
“Tunnel Vision” – Kodak Black
“iSpy” – KYLE (ft. Lil Yachty)
“Everyday We Lit” – Playboi Carti
“Portland” – Drake
“Holy Ghost”- A$AP Rocky
“Tennessee Whiskey” – Chris Stapleton
“Oh Woman Oh Man” – London Grammar
“Creep” – Radiohead
“99” – Elliot Moss
“Sign of the Times” – Harry Styles