An Autumn Morning of Eros

An Autumn Morning of Eros

The autumn air was crisp, that sharp chill when the leaves begin to fall, heralding the coming of winter. Raven stood under a tall tree, the courtyard devoid of people. The sun wasn’t up just yet, the sky painted in dull blues and purples with hints of orange and pink before sunrise.
His jacket was zipped closed, a scarf wrapped around his neck to keep him warm. His hands were shoved deep in his pockets; he had forgotten his gloves this morning. The harsh chill in the air deterred most from loitering outside for long, but Raven enjoyed the tranquility that came with it, despite the conditions. The area was silent, save for the whispers of the wind and the crinkle of leaves beneath his boots. A heavy sigh escaped his lips, his breath fogging the air, swirling around with the wind before fading away. 

The light swish of the leaves alerted him of another’s presence. He turned around to see Blake, two cups of hot chocolate in his gloved hands, walking towards him. He was dressed modestly, a blue vest over a warm, white sweater. He wore earmuffs rather than a hat to protect his ears, the black fabric contrasting against his snowy white hair. His bright smile was warm despite the harsh chill that hung in the air. 

“I thought you might be a little cold, so I brought you something warm to drink.” He explained, his light voice breaking the calm silence. Raven nodded, shakily taking the cup from Blake’s outstretched hand. His bare hands were still bright red, the skin raw from the cold. 
 “Oh no, why aren’t you wearing gloves? It’s too cold out here for bare hands!!” Blake cried, looking worriedly at Raven. He set his cup down and removed his right glove, thrusting it in Ravens direction “Here. Put this on.
“But then you’ll be cold.” Raven countered, his voice a little horse from the cold. “I’m fine anyway.”
 “Just do it.” Blake insisted, pushing the glove at Raven. He hesitantly accepted, slipping the warm fabric over his hand. A light sigh left his lips as his stiff hand relaxe
d, feeling
returning to his fingers. As he sipped his hot chocolate, the warm liquid burning his tongue a little, he felt a bare hand slide into his, their fingers intertwining. He look down in surprise, first to the hand embracing his and the at Blake, who was smiling back at him as he squeezed his hand.

“Now we can both be warm,” Blake declared, leaning his head against Raven’s shoulder. They stood there, sipping hot chocolate together, the steam scrolling into the sky as
the bright morning sun broke above the horizon, painting the clouds with bright reds and oranges, like the leaves that scattered on the ground around them.    

If you would like to read more of my story, it’s being created chapter by chapter on Wattpad under the name “The Heart of the Demon “by TheFabulousRose. If you are  interested,
please feel free to take a look and maybe add it to your library. Thanks -Rose Blackthorn