Tell No One – a Story of Love and Persistence


Harlan Coben’s novel Tell No One is a complex and thrilling story that uses all its suspense and plot twists to teach the reader about love and persistence. The story revolves around David Beck, whose wife was murdered. Eight years later he receives an email from his dead wife. He starts to search for clues pointing to his wife being alive, while a group of mercenaries start to hunt him down and he is suspected by the police for multiple murders. In the end he finds out what really happened the night he thought his wife was killed.
The author’s purpose throughout the novel is to teach the readers about the power of  love, showing the lengths to which one will go for a loved one. The author is able to show this through Beck’s love for his dead wife Elizabeth, even after eight years. Beck’s persistence and how far he goes to find out the truth about Elizabeth shows how strong their love is.
One of the strengths of the book is the way that the author shows Beck’s emotions when he hears that his wife died, and when he finds out that there is a chance that she may be alive. Coben creates a mysterious vibe that makes the reader not want to put the book down. One weakness of the book is that the characters are somewhat stereotypical and predictable, but this characterization is offset by the suspenseful plot.

Tell No One is a strong murder mystery full of love, suspense, violence, high intensity, and a satisfying plot.  It is enjoyable due to the mysterious events that unfold  throughout the novel, which in turn makes it easier to pull out the themes and author’s purpose.
Overall, we would recommend this book to many other people, including other teens and adults who love suspenseful, twisting stories.