The Search


photograph by Tookapic via pexels

I am looking for myself
it’s not as easy as finding a book on a shelf
not as easy as learning to write or spell my own name
the amount of difficulty is just not the same
not as easy as learning to multiply by one or two
not as easy as learning to tie a shoe
no no there’s a lot more to do
before you’re finally through.
I’m looking for myself  for the hidden key
of who I am meant to be
why am I here, why am I me
I’m not sure who I am
not famous like Uncle Sam
not gentle, meek like a lamb.
I’m not sure what my gift is
or what I want to do
I’m looking for myself
how about you?
I often look in a mirror
and think, dear oh dear
what is my future career.
I’ve some ideas, but I am still not sure
Of what I want to do with my life
I look at a stranger or peer
they seem to know why they are here
they’ve got it all figured out
But I still wonder: What am I about?
I am looking for myself.