Miracles Never Cease



Miracles never cease
They happen every day
Is all that I can say
You may not see them
‘Cause they may be small
It may seem like nothing at all
They come in all different forms, shapes and sizes
They can be the most wonderful surprises
Miracles are the best gift
And come at the most unexpected time
It gives your spirit a joyous lift
Some miracles are clearer
And easier to see
Miracles are a blessing to you and me
And they never cease.

Something remarkable could be
Something we may seldom see
The saving of the gift of life
Something taken for granted
It is precious, a miracle
So live it
Live it to its fullest
Run, laugh, dance, and dream
Love every moment while it last
‘Cause for some loved ones are a memory of the past
Live your life full of purpose
You’re here for reason
Enjoy life and its every season
Cause miracles never cease.

They can be small and hidden
You just have look
You may be surprised at you and me
Simple things can be the best
Even if it not shouting in your face like the rest.
The smallest miracles of them all happen every day
In all the things we think, do, or say.
When we walk in the hall with your friends
The things we may take for granted
Such as our senses
Hearing, touch tasting, seeing and smell
It’s those things we know so well
The gift of education and all that it does
Even if we hate it ‘cause
We cannot sleep in or have too much homework to do
It is a blessing to me and you
It prepares us to succeed in our journey ahead
To make a difference and be the change
That thought may seem quite strange
But the day will come where you will grow up and move on
Life flies by so use it, don’t abuse it.
Cause miracles never cease.

Let us bless people when the chance arises
Let us remember what it symbolizes
A miracle
‘Cause miracles never cease.