CHS Sophomores Debate Syrian Conflict


On Friday January 13th, 2017, as a class requirement for Modern Global Studies, the majority of sophomores from Canton High School participated in a Model United Nations simulation, discussing the pressing issues of the Syrian Civil War.
The four hour event was held at the Canton Community center in Collinsville, Conn.
Students were assigned to delegations representing countries involved in the Syrian Conflict, including Russia, Iraq, Iran, and The Free Syrian Army.
The various delegations were  moderated by University of Connecticut students who have experience in running a Model UN. While in different rooms at the center, all students worked in pairs, to then collaborate in moderated and unmoderated caucuses.
The purpose of this event was to find peaceful yet effective solutions to help put this tragic war to an end. After many discussions, compromises and agreements, each delegation was able to create a resolution that would be able to mend this problem.
Participating in Model UN allowed Canton High School students’ voices to be heard on issues that affect their world and future.
photography by Andy Buckle