Spirit Week Fun


CHS students having fun on Game day. photograph by Maria Menoutis


Over the course of the first week of October, Canton High School celebrated their thematic Spirit Week, a dedicated time of year when students dress up according to each day’s theme to earn points for their individual class. The themes for the dress up days are chosen by Student Council, based on a poll of the student body.
Participation points were awarded to each class daily, ending in a final tally after Game Day on Friday.
Monday’s theme was Made in the U.S.A. Students showed up to school displaying their American pride, flashing red, white, and blue. There were American flags, American socks, American shirts, American everything. Students gained a lot of points for their classes while sporting this look.
Tuesday was Transform Into a Disney Character Tuesday. Students either wore Disney apparel or came dressed as a character. Whether someone was decked out on apparel or dressing up as a character, students looked amazing while earning points.
Wednesday was Meme Wednesday, which a lot of teachers didn’t understand. Although it was more challenging to dress up for this day, Students, did not disappoint when arriving to school, their outfits referencing old Vines or rather recent memes that all students automatically understood.
Thursday was Decades Day, with freshmen wearing 50s clothes, sophomores wearing 70s clothes, juniors wearing 60s clothes, and seniors wearing 80s clothes. All the neon leggings and track suits that seniors wore made it easier for them to be spotted in the hallways.
Finally on Friday, each class wore its colors for Spirit Day. It was a half day that included a a pep rally in the gym followed by outdoor games such as tug of war or the dunk tank of the school’s faculty. Pizza was served as lunch and students enjoyed the beautiful sunny day with each other. Activities throughout the day would earn each class points whether they won the activity or not, and at the end of the day, each class would get their points tallied up to see who won it all.
This year’s winner was the seniors, and the juniors came in second. The pep rally this year was held responsibly, hosted by Student Council Co-President Tigger Kluessendorf, working alongside student council officers Maria Menoutis and Morgan Vacca, and advisors with teachers Ms. Connole and Ms. Otte.