Artist Profile: Jackson Bidmead


painting by Jackson Bidmead


Jackson combines rainbows and pride in his colorful painting.

What type of energy did you put into this work?
I sincerely put in a very positive energy into this piece. It was a different from other pieces of artwork because I had really taken my time to finish it. I had a private art teacher who had advised me to get serious about commencing a portfolio and this seemed like the perfect chance. I had somewhat worked with watercolor before and my art teacher had given me another piece of advice concerning it. She said it would stand out more, which of course was different to what I was used to considering I mainly always drifted towards acrylics. It was definitely worth the risk.
How does this express a part of your identity?
I like rainbows, I like pride and eventually as I worked, both feelings were clearly conveyed in my piece. I realized I wanted it to be colorful and wanted to experiment with bright colors. Acrylics can sometimes be muted and this time water color had maintained a different effect. They were just..more colorful.
Did you struggle making this, if you did, where?
Yes, I did struggle making this. It was honestly because specifically with watercolor, rainbows are very hard to clearly get their individual colors across without making it into a big blob of brown. I had to work on small patches within an hour and a half in order to let the colors dry and pop. It was something different, it was phenomenal that I kept my motivation and inspiration to fix up these colors so I could make the piece as a whole come together.
What’s your advice to a beginning artist?
My advice is merely not to get discouraged by the talent of other people. If you’re always looking at people who are above you, you’re never going to improve.  Comparing yourself actually prevents you from getting better in your own artistic style. If you’re discouraged look at your own artwork because it can be very motivating, specifically because you can see your growth.
Are you looking to find a career in art?
Definitely. Specifically in animation or graphic design because there’s a lot of demand for it since in present time computers and digital art looks great. I’m personally really interested in watching animation myself, and I would love to create it.
How did this work itself impact you, how did it make you feel when you finished it?
When I finished it gave me so much motivation to create more because it was one of the best paintings I had ever done. I got plenty positive feedback from those who saw it which in turn motivated me to keep making these great pieces.
What makes you create?
Personally, it’s an individual therapy. Whenever something good or bad happens I always turn to art and it helps me create really easily.
Where do you get inspiration?
I wanted to do something related to family. I thought of when I was little and how my family and I visited Disney. It was a happy time in my life and that really set the backdrop for my work. Then I incorporated something a little more personal which was the rainbow pride and that kind of pulled the entire thing together.