Student Scientists Showcase Innovations



This year’s Canton High School’s Science Fair was held on February 8th, 2017 in the Science Department.  Twenty six of Mr. Riley’s physics students participated in developing a long term research study or engineering design project that included a visual tri-fold to showcase the scientific process.  Topics ranged from “Electromagnetic Acceleration and its Implication on Aircraft” to “the Effect of Ozone on Organisms” to ”Human Perception of Music Explored Mathematically with Sound Waves” to “Best Materials for Silence” to name just a few of the project topics.  
The projects were impartially judged by a number of department science teachers on a rubric, and from that data a group of finalists were awarded.  
This year’s finalists were asked to prepare an eight minute oral presentation detailing their work to Science Department faculty and Science National Honor Society student representative, Cole Marcuccio.  The finalists selected for oral presentations were Noah O’Leary’s project “Rock On” that explored materials and physics applications related to rock climbing; Ryan Enns’  project “Autonomous Technology” where he engineered and coded a motorized device to remotely turn off a light switch;  Ethan Porter’s project “ Investigation of the Structural Integrity of Wood Species for the Tops of Acoustic Guitars” examined various wood types and forces required to compromise; Gabe Mesa’s project “Swords to Plowshares” explored how to use projectile aerosols at low and high speeds to see dispersion factors; Henry Engvall’s project “The Optimal Sail Shape” examined sail shapes and how wind affected performance; Devis Kadis’s project “Lending a Hand” worked to engineer a prosthetic hand out of inexpensive materials in an effort to provide a cost efficient device to patients; and Gabe Ortiz’s project “A Closer Look at Petroleum:  Our World’s Energy” examined combustion and carbon dioxide emissions for high and low octane fuels.   
Of these finalists, five were selected to represent CHS at the 2017 CT Science and Engineering Fair that will be held at Quinnipiac University from March 10th to 14th.  Participation in the fair is a lengthy paperwork process where all safety standards and protocols are maintained by the participating students.  Participation in this state fair will determine the state of CT projects that move on to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held this year in Pittsburgh, PA in May.  
This year’s projects especially tapped into students’ curiosities and interests and many  paid particular attention on how the research could assist on the significant global scientific challenges that exist in today’s society.