CHS Students Explore the Environment


SEARCH Club’s winter walk to study the Farmington River environment -photograph by Marsha Jorgenson
Canton High School Students who participate in SEARCH , an environmental club that has been involved with collecting Farmington River data for many years, set out a cold winter Saturday on January 28, 2017 for an out of school expedition.
Fifteen students, four teachers and adults, and a puppy named Mia went on this educational winter walk. The day started by meeting at LaSalle’s Market in Collinsville, Conn. The group then proceeded along the bike path to the Collinsville Dam.  
Along the way, SEARCH members gave informational lectures to all who attended on Collinsville history, the dam and the new hydroelectric project, fishing in the area, the Farmington River, and the bike path.  
Club members chose this trip in order to get more insight on the environment around them in Canton.
The name SEARCH originates from a State of Connecticut grant project developed in the 1990s. At that time, students investigated water quality in Connecticut rivers and streams. They then followed up with a report to a state database.  Although the grant program is now defunct, the SEARCH Club at CHS has continued its activities related to a range of environmental studies.
In the last three years, SEARCH has engaged in a long-term river study project at five specific locations between Canton and Collinsville to monitor water quality and notice trends.
SEARCH is currently run by Canton High School Science Department Chair Marsha Jorgensen, AP and Honors Physics and Astronomy teacher Stephen Riley, and AP and Honors Biology teacher Benn Gawitt.
“This was our first ever winter walk, ” says Science Department Chair Marsha Jorgensen.  “It was a great brisk day of walking and enjoying the natural beauty of our river resources.”
The SEARCH Club is currently planning events for Earth Day, and will be selling tie-dye Earth Day T-shirts with a logo designed by CHS senior student, Laura Obermeyer. Additionally, SEARCH Club will host an opening day for The Farmington River fishing season.
SEARCH Club always welcomes new members interested in the environment and protecting our resources.